MAOGEPING cosmetics brand, founded in 2000, the founder is Mao Geping, who is the most famous make-up artist in contemporary China and the most influential make-up teaching authority.

Mao Geping said: "In fact, how to make a person's makeup beautiful is the displacement of the bones.
Adjust the original bone phase by highlighting and shadowing.
With a good bone physiognomy, the facial features are only the last characterization."

Brand Concept:

Beautiful to the extreme, fearless
Mao Ge usually said that you should focus your limited energy and time on one thing.
For him, this is the pursuit and exploration of the ultimate beauty.
In order to give more women a brand-new experience of the ultimate beauty, the brand has been committed to researching beauty, exploring beauty, and constantly challenging itself.
On the road of beauty, MAOGEPING has been walking with you to inspire your beauty.
On the road of life, MAOGEPING will accompany all women and meet the challenges of this world with the most beautiful attitude.

🌸If you're looking for an impeccable makeup base, MAOGEPING is the way to go.👇

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