Fiery Passion Hand-Painted Press-on Nails SKU: NAI0002CS-1-XS

Fiery Passion Hand-Painted Press-on Nails SKU: NAI0002CS-1-XS
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Welcome to our sizzling collection of hand-crafted press-on nails, where artistic flair meets the essence of fiery passion and romance! Unleash your inner artist with our captivating nail art designs, meticulously crafted to express your intense emotions and ignite a fervent atmosphere.

🔥 Flaming Red Lips: Adorn your nails with the allure of flaming red lips. Each nail becomes a canvas for sensuous and bold expressions, allowing you to make a powerful statement and exude confidence in every gesture.

💕 Romantic Whimsy: Embrace the magic of romance with our enchanting designs. From delicate hearts to dreamy stars, let your nails narrate tales of love and longing, setting the stage for an enchanting ambiance.

🌹 Blossoms of Love: Revel in the beauty of blooming flowers that symbolize love and passion. These hand-painted floral designs will add an extra touch of elegance to your nails, reflecting the warmth of your emotions.

💋 Passionate Artistry: Our hand-painted press-on nails are crafted by skilled artists, ensuring meticulous attention to detail and unparalleled creativity. Express your innermost feelings through these wearable masterpieces.

🎉 Festival Flourish: Embrace the festive spirit with our captivating designs inspired by joyous celebrations. From colorful confetti to cheerful balloons, let your nails reflect the exuberance of every special moment.

🎁 Gift of Creativity: Experience the delight of gifting your nails a touch of artistry and flair. These hand-painted press-on nails are the perfect gift for yourself or your loved ones, celebrating the joy of self-expression.

Contains: 10 PC

The Key Highlights:

  1. Long-lasting Hold: The longevity of our press-on nails depends on the adhesive used:
  • Jelly Gel: Lasts for 3-5 days
  • Solid Patch Glue: Provides a firm hold for 15-20 days
  • Nail Glue: Offers a lasting bond for 20-25 days (Note: The nail pieces are not reusable)
  1. Artisanal Craftsmanship: Each nail is crafted with love, starting from the application of a base gel and then building up the design with a carefully layered thickness, ensuring both strength and aesthetics.

  2. Single Piece Dropshipping with Tools: Our one-piece dropshipping option comes with a complete tool kit, making it easy for customers to apply the press-on nails effortlessly.

  3. Wholesale Option without Tools: For wholesale orders, we offer the press-on nails without the tool kit, providing flexibility for bulk buyers.

  4. Nail-Friendly Adhesives: Unlike traditional glues that may harm your natural nails, our jelly gel and solid patch glues are gentle and won't damage your real nails.

1. Measure your nails2.jpg__PID:296e0361-5441-4627-8362-c1ad79be0a4b2. Compare with the sizing chart3.jpg__PID:6e036154-4186-47c3-a2c1-ad79be0a4bf53.1. Apply with adhesive tabs OR


3.2. Apply with glue


Each set of press-on nails is meticulously hand-painted by our talented artists, ensuring that every stroke is a masterpiece. Whether you're preparing for a party, holiday gathering, or simply want to spread the warmth of celebration, our hand-painted press-on nails will add an extra spark to your life!

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