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CBM Influencer Programme

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Sign up with us and your account will be reviewed within 48 hours. Once it's activated you will receive a beauty gift card every week, you will need to use the gift card to redeem products you'd like to share to your audience.

You can accumualte the amount of gift card value by contacting us at a later time.

Monetise Your Content

Once you receive your products, you can post content and use the products you select and always tag us and include a ref link.

Failure to post content within 14 days of arrival will result in your account being terminated and blocked for further collaboration.

Earn Commission

Earn commission based on your rate for every dollar spent through the link you share.

Your commission will be valid for 24 months, so you are worried-free to acculumate.

Cash out or Credit out

You can choose to cash out commission when it's over US$20 or get a gift card of the value when it's over $5.

Common FAQs

Understand your account and maintain your account in good health.

How does the beauty gift card works?

For different tier influencer, you are qualified to redeem a different amount of gift card.

For example: if you are a STAR, your gift card allowance is $20 per week, you can either submit a request to receive the $20 gift card on a weekly basis or you can contact us every 4 weeks to receive a $80 gift card in order to leverage the shipping condition (For US and EU the free shipping threshold is $39.99 while for other countries it's $69.99)

There is no limitation to use the gift card, it's just like your cash.

How can I manage my influencer account.

We work with Goaffpro to provide you the best experience of affiliate account management. You will have access to see your link's performance, how many revenues you have generated, and how many commissions you have earnd or you can cash out.

How to redeem the beauty gift card? And how to calculate how many weeks I have joined.

Our cut-out time is every Monday.

For example:

1, If you join on Monday to Sunday or onwards, next Monday will be your week 2;

2, Similarly, if you request a gift card on Monday to Sunday, your gift card will be sent out next Monday.

What does the "Revenue made to progress to next tier" mean?

Follower base is NOT the only standard for you to progress or qualify for the tier.

For example: you are an IG influencer with 3k followers, you will first be qualified for RISING STAR tier. You can move to STAR tier either by increasing your followers or generate sales through the link provided to you. You only need to generate $300 sales in order to be a STAR no matter your follower base is.

All tiers will be valid for 12 months since you first register and will be re-reviewed every year. If you have not made enought sales in the past year, your tier may drop to a lower tier.

For example: if you are a SUPER STAR because of your follower base, you may drop to STAR if you fail to maintain a $5,000 sales per year.

What will result in an account termination or account benefit pause?

There are a few cases may result in an account termination/benefits paused.

1, PAUSE: You fail to generate sales of at least 50% of you beauty gift card worth in 4 consecutive weeks. I.e. If you beauty gift card is $20/week and you fail to make 50%*$20*4=$40 worth of revenue, your account (beauty gift card benefit) will be paused. You can reactivate the benfit by generating $40 or sales in the next month. (this is to provent account fraud and abuse, we are working with serious influencers continuously and we are proud to work with you).

2, TERMINATION if you FAIL to generate 20% of beauty gift card payout worth of sales in a consecutive 12 WEEKS, your account will be terminated. I.e. if you beauty gift card payout is $20, if you fail to generate $20*12*20%=$48 in a consecutive 12 weeks, your account will be terminated.

3 TERMINATION Any harmful content related to our brand or the brands we are selling. We will contact you for more information before your account is terminated. Honest review will be appreciated and will NOT be considered as HARMFUL CONTENT.

4, TERMINATION Failure to post content within 14 days of you redeemed products' arrival will result in your account being terminated and blocked for further collaboration.

How do you pay out commission?

You can choose to get commission payout in two ways:

1, Paypal payout: you are required to provide a paypal email upon signup. Payout will be made to the Paypal email provided. The min. payout request amount is $20USD.


2, Store credit/gift card: You can also get your commission in store credit from $5. Store credit gift card will be sent to your signup email.