Point Rewards

Shop with Points!

Use your favorite rewards points to shop at CbeautyMall.com
It is Loyalty Program for our customer get benefits when have shopping in CbeautyMall. Earn more Points for different actions, and turn those Points into awesome rewards! Get points by do some actions, and use the points as money.

How To Get Points  ?

The window of Loyalty Program panel is on the left corner of homepage.

Fill your join email or join our web first. Then, you can start your Loyalty Program plan.

  Ways to earn points

Place an order

1 Point for every $1 spent

Follow on Instagram

30 Points

Celebrate a birthday

300 Points


200 Points 

Share on Facebook

30 Points

Share on Twitter

30 Points

Follow on Twitter

30 Points

Like on Facebook

30 Points

 Ways to redeem

 Order discount

100 Points=$1


Reward can only be used on purchases of $20 or more.

Minimum amount of points required to redeem this reward is 100 points.

Maximum amount of points the customer can spend for one order on this reward is 500 points.

Points can be accumulated and do not expire.