Fans Benefits

Post Your Story With CbeautyMall, Win Big Gifts!

Thanks for your constant support, we plan this activity "Post Your Story With CbeautyMall, Win Big Gifts"


1. Show the products you received from us on social networks with the tag #CbeautyMall #Cbeautymakeup

2. Every month, we’ll choose 3 partcipants who join the activity to send a prize or unlimited coupon on our official website.

3. If your post videos and get more than 50 thousand views totally per month, we'll give you an extra prize.

Ps--Other welfare
The owner of biggest single order from our official website per month will get a mysterious gift/unlimited coupon.

We'll annonce the winners at 5th per month. And excellent posts will even be featured on our official page @cbeautymall. Come and join this activity!