AMORTALS Dual-Head Micro Precision Eyebrow Razor (Single Unit)


AMORTALS Dual-Head Micro Precision Eyebrow Razor (Single Unit)

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The AMORTALS Dual-Head Micro Precision Eyebrow Razor is a versatile tool for achieving precise and flawless eyebrows. It features a double-blade design with a large head for shaping and refining the overall eyebrow shape and a small head for detailed touch-ups. The razor is equipped with a 0.1mm ultra-thin blade that ensures a clean and precise cut without pulling or tugging. The micro-guard provides gentle protection against accidental cuts while allowing for precise grooming. The razor is made of stainless steel and ABS material, ensuring durability and longevity.

Suitable for: Individuals who want to shape and groom their eyebrows, including beginners.

Product Contents: 1 unit of AMORTALS Dual-Head Micro Precision Eyebrow Razor (Purple gradient color)

Key Features:

  1. Dual-head design for easy shaping and refining of eyebrows.
  2. 0.1mm ultra-thin blade for a clean and precise cut without pulling or tugging.
  3. High hardness and long-lasting performance, resistant to dullness.
  4. 0.05mm medical-grade protective cover for added safety during use.
  5. Triangular handle design for comfortable and precise handling.

Usage and Storage:

  1. Use the large head to shape and refine the overall eyebrow shape.
  2. Use the small head for detailed touch-ups, such as shaping the eyebrow arch and other fine areas.
  3. Be gentle and careful when using the razor to avoid cuts or injuries.
  4. After use, rinse the razor with water and pat dry. Store it in a dry place.

Design Concept: The AMORTALS Dual-Head Micro Precision Eyebrow Razor is designed to be the perfect tool for achieving flawless eyebrow shapes. The combination of a large and small head allows for easy shaping of smooth and well-defined eyebrows. The ultra-thin 0.1mm blade and micro-guard ensure a clean and precise cut without any discomfort or irritation. The razor's sharpness provides effective grooming without harming the skin, giving you peace of mind. The ergonomic design with a triangular handle ensures a comfortable grip and effortless control during use.

AMORTALS is dedicated to awakening the beauty within individuals and pursuing a life of aesthetic appreciation. The brand strives to bring unique care and creativity to women, adding a touch of uniqueness and ingenuity to their ordinary lives. AMORTALS understands the desire for beauty and aims to fulfill the innermost desires of women, providing them with a sense of intimacy and love. The brand advocates for a low-key, comfortable, and elegant lifestyle, exploring products tailored for Asian women and seeking extraordinary beauty with a meticulous spirit. AMORTALS believes in bringing happiness and pleasant surprises to every refined woman's daily life.

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